Pure Taro Aventador


Introducing Pure Taro Aventador : LTZN Herbal Smoke Sticks

Pure Taro Aventador, The Ultimate LTZN Herbal Smoke Stick, our newest LTZN (Low Tar Zero Nicotine) creation, embodies excellence by blending premium dried chopped taro beneng leaves with handpicked wild herbs, delivering an authentic Indonesian cigarette experience.

pure-taro aventador

Product Highlights:

  • Herbal Smoke Stick : Crafted meticulously from 100% natural taro leaf blend and premium wild herbs, mimicking the taste, feel and smoke of traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • Tobacco-Free & Nicotine-Free : Designed without tobacco or nicotine, providing a smooth and fulfilling smoking sensation without addictive substances.
  • Acetate Filter : Each stick comes equipped with an acetate filter, ensuring a refined and enjoyable smoking experience.
  • Variant Selection : Available in Indonesian styles (Kretek) with or without clove, as well as an American-style (White Cigarettes) variant without clove.

Variant Details :

  • Indonesian Style (Kretek) with Clove
  • Indonesian Style without Clove
  • American Style (White Cigarettes) without Clove

Packaging Details:

  • Pack Breakdown : Contains 20 sticks per pack, 10 packs per carton, and 50 cartons per master case for convenient distribution and storage.

Dimension & Weight Details :

  1. Pack : Height : 8.9 cm, Witdh : 5.5 cm, Depth : 2.25 cm, Weight : 25 g
  2. Carton : Height : 8.9 cm, Witdh : 28.2 cm , Depth : 4.5 cm, Weight : 258 g
  3. Master Case : Height : 58 cm, Witdh : 45.5 cm, Depth : 26 cm, Weight : 13,820 g

Pricing Information:

  • Indonesian Style (Kretek) with Clove: Contact us for pricing (FOB – Indonesian Port)
  • Indonesian Style without Clove: Contact us for pricing (FOB – Indonesian Port)
  • American Style (White Cigarettes) without Clove: Contact us for pricing (FOB – Indonesian Port)
pure taro aventador