Premium Dried Chopped Taro Leaves


Introducing Premium XANTHOSOMA UNDIPES Folium (Taro Beneng Leaves) – Your Natural Tobacco Alternative

Our meticulously crafted product is a result of selecting the finest materials, exclusively 100% XANTHOSOMA UNDIPES folium, commonly known as Taro Beneng leaves in Indonesia. Each leaf undergoes an advanced treatment process using cutting-edge technology to ensure superior quality.

premium dried chopped taro leaves

Product Highlights:

  • Innovative Treatment : Processed to perfection, our product stands ready as a direct substitute for tobacco, having undergone a comprehensive treatment.
  • 100% Natural : Crafted solely from pure XANTHOSOMA UNDIPES folium, guaranteeing an authentic and natural experience.
  • Customizable Size : Available in finely chopped sizes ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 mm or tailored to meet buyers’ specifications.
  • Optimal Moisture Content : Maintains a moisture content of 10–15%, preserving freshness and quality.
  • Tobacco Brown Color : Exhibits an appealing tobacco brown hue, ensuring a visually satisfying experience.
  • Origin and Packaging : Proudly made in Indonesia, our product embodies the essence of this rich cultural heritage. Each box comprises an inner PE packaging encased within an outer box, meticulously designed to preserve freshness.

Packaging Breakdown :

  • Packaging : inner PE with outher box
  • Package dimensions : ( 45 x 45 x 48 ) cm
  • Net weight/box : 10 kgs or 20 kgs


  • Contact us ( 10 Kgs/box)/metric ton ( FOB – Indonesian Port )
  • Contact us ( 20 Kgs/box)/metric ton ( FOB – Indonesian Port )
premium dried chopped taro leaves