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“Discover Indonesian Pioneers in Cultivating Taro Beneng : Nicotine-Free Alternatives and Sustainable Practices”


Cultivation and Processing Excellence

We specialize in cultivating, harvesting, and processing Taro Beneng. Our operations integrate traditional wisdom and cutting-edge technology to ensure top-notch quality.

Natural Commitment and Eco-Friendly Practices

Nestled in the pristine beauty of Sumber Urip Village, our plantation embraces eco-friendly processing systems and organic ingredients, preserving product integrity and authenticity.

Community Collaboration for Sustainable Farming

Partnering with local farmer groups, we promote sustainable farming practices, strengthening community bonds while maintaining high harvest standards.

Product Range: Premium Organic Offerings

We offer dried Taro Beneng pieces and herbal cigarettes, each serving unique purposes. The dried cut mimics tobacco’s aroma and taste, providing a nicotine-free alternative.

Therapeutic Herbal Cigarettes

Our herbal cigarettes, devoid of tobacco and nicotine, aid in reducing nicotine addiction. Rigorous lab tests confirm 0% nicotine content, ensuring a safer choice.

Embrace the Essence of Taro Beneng

Experience premium organic products prioritizing health and sustainability. Join our journey towards healthier alternatives and ecological harmony backed by quality and innovation.